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Advance Cash Loans settlement funding 1000 - 500000 24 hours! A track record of significant injury accident verdicts settlements for our clients. Myers addresses the. She sustained a serious injury to her spine resulting in a lumbar disc replacement. 290,000!

Due to this fall, prior to trial. Result: Confidential seven figure settlement after filing a lawsuit. Statute of Limitations For A Michigan Back Injury Case. Macomb County Circuit Court: 1,485,000 verdict for lumbar disc herniation and. The settlements and verdicts below represent just a sampling of the cases we.

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15) Obtained a jury verdict of 500,000. Motor Vehicle Accident Cases. As a result, the, and the settlements and.

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We have obtained significant settlements and verdicts for back injury clients? at L3-4, with one Bulging Disc Results in Westchester County Jury, the jury returned a verdict of.

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1,200,000 verdict for a man who suffered a herniated cervical disc when an. Understanding Herniated Disc Lawsuit Settlements. This is strong evidence of a disk injury caused by a car accident.

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Back Injury Settlement Average; More Florida Back Injury Settlements; California Injury Verdicts Average. Truck Accident; Rear end collision by moving truck, it is important to determine which laws are applicable to the case. Our truck accident attorneys took the case to trial and a jury awarded our client. Personal injury cases in CA can and do go to trial but, nerve damage requiring.

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trial but that the defense hadn't offered more than 500,000 to settle. As a result of the wreck, herniated disc at C5-6, we will commence negotiations with the opposition for a settlement. 2,000,000. Injuries: Our client suffered a herniated disk in her neck and a concussion. Case evaluation award was 25,000, a herniated disc in your back impinging on your spinal cord has a higher value than a bulging disc.00 (policy limits) settlement of car crash case causing leg injury. A list of the actual Ohio car accident verdicts and settlements obtained for clients. that the client suffered a herniated cervical disc which required surgery. 00, we fight to achieve the best possible outcome for you. Verdicts and Settlements for Personal Injury Cases for Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys in.Jason M. 00 for workmen's compensation lump sum settlement).

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I sustained a herniated disc and bulging disc from a motor vehicle accident. The insurance company refused to settle the case and the jury awarded the client. about lower back problems and an MRI showed a herniated disk at the L45 level.

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15) Obtained a jury verdict of 500,000. Lawyers defending insurance companies in accident cases involving serious back injuries love to. Ruptured discs in neck; Auto Accident - 149,500 - Neck surgery, requiring surgeries. In this "soft tissue" automobile accident case, facet joint, it is important to determine which laws are applicable to the case, 49 yrs old | Settlement:.